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About Cafe Layal

Layal Team created a one of it' s kind Mediterranean culinary experience in the heart of Houston Texas. We surrounded ourselves with the best culinary artists of the industry to save you a trip to the Mediterraneans and created a get away right here in Houston.

Layal Cafe is an inclusive restaurant, giving everyone, whether families, couples or friends, the chance to enjoy an incredible range of Mediterranean food/ crepes at its best.

Our decor reflect the relaxed luxury and beauty of the Mediterranean. Likewise, Layal is known for the kind and the friendly service you' d expect from a vacation overseas. At the same time we are committed of being a neighborhood Mediterranean restaurant and Cafe, making the extraordinary food from The Rock of Gibraltar to the the middle East available to all.

With an expansive menu, every trip to Layal will mean another discovery and conveys the magic of the Mediterranean in Food.



"Wow!  This place has been transformed.  It's beautiful, clean, and comfortable.  This is not just a hookah bar.  It's an amazing restaurant and event space, as well..."


"...They have different rooms and booths to accommodate large and small groups. They have also added a crepe service and a cute little desert room..."


Waiter was very attentive, and even the chef and owner came to us to make sure everything was going well with our food and order, great experience overall.

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